CONGRATULATIONS! This Is Your First Step in a New Watch Buying Experience

Finally!  How To Get A Customized, Personalized & Patented Swiss Watch 

(Without Having To Re-mortgage Your Home)

  • Customized For You: Every SNGLRTY Watch is assembled individually, by hand, in Switzerland for each owner
  • A Unique Approach For a Unique Watch: A one hour live webinar with Daniel & Steve to ask all your questions and understand all the unique features of SNGLRTY
  • Only Knowledgeable Watch Lovers: You select the exact configuration for your watch in collaboration with the Patent holders

But First A Singular Question

OHI2 or OHI4?

How To Avoid Uninformed Sales People And Get A Unique & Customized Swiss Made Automatic Watch For LESS Than $2,000
Yes! I'm ready to enjoy MY watch, choose each element, no more blank stares from uninformed sales people motivated only by a commission. I will get a unique, patented automatic Swiss watch for LESS than $2000!
You are a Few Small Steps Away From A Watch That is Singularly Yours
  • ​A Unique Experience: You will be introduced to each element of the watch that can be customized
  • ​You Will NOT Talk to Uninformed Salespeople: Daniel & Steve will walk you through the selection process
  • Personal Authentication: Receive a personal letter from Steve & Daniel authenticating your watch
  • Global 2 Year Warranty: If something goes wrong with your watch, we will be here to help
  • Not Just A Watch: Join the very exclusive group of SNGLRTY watch owners - See Time Differently
Where Should We Ship It?
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I Understand That When I Act Now, I get SNGLRTY watch assembled to my specification delivered to my door*, which includes: 
  • A unique purchasing experience - you speak directly to the inventors...
  • A one on one call with Daniel or Steve to configure your watch
  • ​ A masterpiece of Swiss watchmaking with 100m water resistance
  • An unparalleled understanding of the watch on your wrist
  • ​Two year International Warranty - Steve & Daniel are here to help with any issues with your watch
  • ​Authentication papers for your watch -  personally signed by Steve & Daniel
*continental US addresses only, all other addresses shipping & taxes apply
I Also Understand that When I Act Now, I Also Get ....
  • Your watch will come with a FREE upgrade to the SNGLRTY butterfly watch buckle - Regular Price over $100
  • U​NBELIEVABLE EXCLUSIVITY There are less than 200 of the ORIGINAL pieces left - clearly differentiate your watch as one of only 250 "First Release" Pieces
  • ​​Over 33% INSTANT Savings OFF The Regular Price
  • ​​​Delivered in a Real Leather Travel watch case - Ideal for all your watches
If my SNGLRTY Watch experience creating my watch, I will choose each element... if Daniel & Steve don't take me through the process step-by-step (I will not experience blank stares from uninformed sales people only chasing commission)... or if it fails to meet my expectations as a patented automatic Swiss watch, then I understand that I will receive a full refund, No Questions Asked!
I understand that the regular price for all this is Over $3,000...
But, when I act now, as part of a special marketing test, I get everything for only $1980 - over 33% OFF!!

To Your Success,
Stephen Mansfield & Daniel Blunschi
P.S. - Every minute you wait to get YOUR SNGLRTY Watch is another minute we have less than 200 pieces of our FIRST release available - these will forever be clearly distinguishable. Put the power of “SNGLRTY Watch” to work for you so you can easily enjoy buying YOUR watch, you will choose each element, no more blank stares from uninformed sales people and a unique, patented automatic Swiss watch!

P.P.S. - But don't just take my word for it... take a look at these testimonials from happy watch enthusiasts just like you!

"As an avid collector of watches, I have always had a passion for unusual designs and unique mechanisms, and in SNGLRTY, I think I can safely say you have achieved on both those scores. I have examined every inch of the watch from tip to tail, and I have to say that the quality is absolutely excellent."


OHI2 Founders Edition #13/38

So there was I sold on the OHI2 and now I’m seriously considering upgrading [...] to theOHI4. The domed sapphire does an amazing job to ‘pop’ the face of SNGLRTY. The colour sheens used for the dials are very subtle indeed. I’m torn!”


OHI4 Founders Edition #19/28 
OHI2 Founders Edition #5/38

"Pulling out the crown to change the time shows the true synchronicity of the counter-rotating minute dial and hour hand. Ingenious."


OHI2 Founders Edition #3/38

“Clearly a lot of design thinking and technical craftsmanship has gone into this little beauty.”


OHI4 Founders Edition #14/28 
Stephen Mansfield & Daniel Blunschi
After struggling for years to come up with their new take on "time" Daniel & Steve worked tirelessly to bring it all to fruition, and after 3 years of research, prototypes lawyers and a number of set backs SNGLRTY was launched.  With a new look to time, we need a new way to buy it - you will never buy a watch like this again  
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