Dear Friend,

If you are here reading this page you will notice that we are changing things here are SNGLRTY.  We will have our website up and running very soon but in the mean time if you have 2 minutes can you help us out by answering a simple question?  

We have created a unique watch, so unique that it has a patent on it.  We have delivered all the watches to our first round backers and now we are developing a unique buying experience to go with our unique watch.  Do please take a minute and give us your thoughts.

Thank you so much.
Steve & Daniel  

Buying a Watch? What Niggles You The Most?
Your are ready for a new adventure to buy a watch, but like all things there are always irritations and frustrations along the way.  Please share your frustrations with us, we want to make our experience as memorable as possible for all the RIGHT reasons.  
We are working on bringing you a new experience in buying your watch so it will complement our evolution in time. And if you just cannot wait, just submit "I want to buy one" in the answer to your question and either Daniel or Steve will be in touch very soon.
  • So new and unique we were awarded a patent for the time display  
  •  A single glance and you have the accurate time from a single hand
  •  Sending time in reverse was the key to this evolution
Swiss Made
  • An evolution in time needs a new mechanism  
  •  Designed in Switzerland by some of the best in the world
  •  Manufactured and assembled in Switzerland by skilled artisans
  • A new time display results in a new watch face
  • Thousands of combinations are available - there will be one you love
  • SNGLRTY will truly be singularly yours
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