See Time Differently

Two Friends Struggling To Build A Little Legacy In The Watch Industry

But to Achieve That Goal They Had to See Time Differently

It sounded so simple, it just had to be unique. A watch like no other.  It was a simple challenge but that certainly did not mean finding the solution would be easy. 

Daniel and Steve had been working together on a few projects but the conversation always came back to creating their own watch.  Daniel, who has created over 1,000 watches, was willing to make any watch, "just give me the design" Daniel would say.  But Steve did not want just another watch, just another colour, just a different shape - it had to be new and unique.  

But it was a struggle, it seemed that every day the pair could come up with an idea, but by the evening it was clear that it had already been done before. They were struggling, it had to be new, unique & distinctive; frustration was creeping in. Neither of them were willing to give up on their dream, but to release the frustration there was only one thing to do – some commiseration over a couple of bottles of red wine. 

The conversation, as it always does when Daniel & Steve are together, went back to watches and the finer points of a watch movement.  As Daniel went through the details Steve was thinking about how similar a watch movement was to any old engine - a power source, engine and gear box.  That lead to thinking about cars and then - why not a reverse gear?   

At that point, everything changed! 
Before either was aware a design had been sketched on the back of a beer mat (it was round after all) and the business agreement was inked there too. One rotating hour hand presenting both hours and minutes, but the minutes need to move too and join the hour hand at precise positions, that needed a reverse gear - just like a car gear box. 

It all fell into place - it was so simple, but that was just the beginning of the journey.
What Daniel & Steve did not know at that time were the many twists and turns they would go through in developing a new way of presenting time.  Nor did they have any inkling about the technical challenges they would face that would require them to completely re-design how a watch face is assembled.

Overcoming those challenges opened up a whole new level of customisation for watch lovers and thus a new way to buy a watch. 
Then the pair realised that not only had they developed a new way to read time on a watch face, but that the movement of time on their watch face was displayed time just like life - converging at a single point - NOW.

This was a metaphor for life never going in one single direction, time is travelling in opposing directions but still happening now, in this instant and we it needs our attention as that is what life is made of.

Daniel & Steve reached their goal of creating a unique watch, but in the process had reflected life in the display of time and left their imprint on watchmaking history – their legacy.

Join Daniel and Steve on a live webinar to learn more about their journey and SNGLTRY. You can own a unique watch and start to See Time Differently.

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What Our Customers Are Saying
Available Globally 
Available Since 2018 SNGLRTY Join Those Who See Time Differently.

"As an avid collector of watches, I have always had a passion for unusual designs and unique mechanisms, and in SNGLRTY, I think I can safely say you have achieved on both those scores. I have examined every inch of the watch from tip to tail, and I have to say that the quality is absolutely excellent."


OHI2 Founders Edition #13/38

So there was I sold on the OHI2 and now I’m seriously considering upgrading [...] to the OHI4. The domed sapphire does an amazing job to ‘pop’ the face of SNGLRTY. The colour sheens used for the dials are very subtle indeed. I’m torn!”


OHI4 Founders Edition #19/28 
OHI2 Founders Edition #5/38

"If anyone is teetering on the edge of [buying] this watch, don't hesitate.  It is certainly one of a kind."


OHI2 Founders Edition #27/38

"I suspect most people who glance at this [watch] simply won't get what you have achieved”


OHI4 Founders Edition #02/28 

"Our eyes were wide open.  Big grins on our faces.  These watches are something special.  Build quality is second to none.  I'm now even more excited and can't wait to receive my customised model!"

Eric S

OHI2 Founders Edition #15/38

"I can't wait to get my hands on this little design marvel”


OHI4 Founders Edition #14/28 
Spectacular On Your Wrist
Set Yourself  Apart With a Wristwatch of Your Making 
  • Patented Display: Exclusivity starts with innovation
  • Single Handed Accuracy: Just a glance for all the information you need
  • 10ATM Water Resistant: Classically styled built for all eventualities 
  • Assembled To Order: It is your watch so we assemble it to your specification
  • Evolution of Time: analogue, then digital now SNGLRTY
noun: singularity
1.     the state, fact, quality, or condition of being singular.
synonyms: uniqueness, distinctiveness, difference, individuality, particularity
Evolution of Time
Personalized & Customized
A new way to see the time needs a new way of purchasing your watch.  With so many combinations available we have revolutionised the purchase process.  Join those who understand that time is now; this instance and you will embark on a journey of discovery and joys of creating your own SNGLRTY watch. Singularly for you.
Patented Time Display
The time display is so new the co-founders of SNGLRTY received a patent for their innovation. A unique display of time - or should I say singular?
Swiss Made
Your watch will be assembled by hand in the Jura mountains of Switzerland to your specification. It is very unlikely you will ever see another like yours.

Global Shipping
We are happy to dispatch your watch to wherever you are.  There are a few restrictions, but those are not up to us!  If you are not sure - please just ask 
Distinctive & Customizable
You will have never seen a watch face like the SNGLRTY watch face.  This Patented design allows unrivaled customisation so you will receive a watch that is singular. 
Exclusive Buying Experience
Your purchase is just the first step in your journey to receiving a very special watch.  We will walk you through each step to ensure you get the watch you deserve.
Secure Payments
All our payments are over a secure connection and handled by one of the worlds largest payment processor.  We never store your credit card information.

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Not Just A Watch
A new way of displaying time needs a new way to buy.  You will not be speaking with a sales assistant - you will configure your watch with the inventors 
  • ​A full introduction to SNGLRTY, its unique features and special optional extras with Daniel & Steve 
  • A personal one on one call with to walk you through the configuration of your SNGLRTY watch with Daniel or Steve 
  •  Your exclusive SNGLRTY watch delivered within 6 weeks of your configuration being confirmed
  •  Delivered in a real leather watch roll - ideal for travelling
We are here to answer your questions about SNGLRTY, what ever they may be.  Please do feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. 
Stephen Mansfield & Daniel Blunschi
After struggling for years to come up with their new take on "time" Daniel & Steve worked tirelessly to bring it all to fruition, and after 3 years of research, prototypes lawyers and a number of set backs SNGLRTY was launched.  With a new look to time, we need a new way to buy it - you will never buy a watch like this again  
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"Join us on our journey to see time differently - one watch at a time."
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