FINALLY! How To Use Your Phone While Cleaning & Inspecting Your Watches or Jewelry WITHOUT Taking Off Your Gloves
It can't get any better than this... We are Giving Them Away Free!
FREE - The World's Most Amazing Cleaning & Inspection Gloves
Daniel & Steve, the inventors of SNGLRTY, had been using many different pairs of inspection gloves until they DISCOVERED these Inspection Gloves.
Through trial and error they identified the THREE most important requirements needed in any inspection gloves are:
  • Touchscreen Compatible: So convenient, no need to pull your gloves on and off
  • ​Lint Free: Clean surfaces beautifully without leaving any lint behind - ANYWHERE 
  • Durable and Washable: Will last & last, if they get dirty just wash in the washing machine
"We'll Pay For The Gloves, You Cover the Shipping! 
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*SNGLRTY Inspection Gloves retail for $19.95, but we have bought a pair just for YOU!. We just ask that you pay your shipping / handling to receive them (just $8.95 anywhere in the world). Your information is secure and will not be shared.
Stephen Mansfield & Daniel Blunschi
After struggling for years to come up with their new take on "time" Daniel & Steve worked tirelessly to bring it all to fruition, and after 3 years of research, prototypes lawyers and a number of set backs SNGLRTY was launched.  With a new look to time, we need a new way to buy it - you will never buy a watch like this again  
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